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@inter·punct can tickets.

Notable Features

- Logs (
Like This)
- In-discord transcripts
- Reaction controls (One reaction to create a ticket, one to close and save the transcript.)
- Automatic Ping (ping after someone sends a message)
- Automatic Close (close if no one sends anything)


Ticket Setup


ticket category

ip!ticket category CATEGORY NAME
Active tickets will be put into the category you set. It must be empty and with the right permissions.

ticket invitation

ip!ticket invitation invitation message link
Set the invitation message. Reacting to the invitation message will create a ticket.

ticket welcome

ip!ticket welcome Welcome Message...
Set the message to be sent to users when they create a ticket. Do
ip!ticket welcome to unset.

ticket logs

ip!ticket logs #ticket-logs #uploads
Log the last 100 messages in a ticket to #ticket-logs when the ticket is closed. To disable, delete the log channels.

ticket transcripts

ip!ticket logs #ticket-transcripts
Log all messages sent in a ticket to
##ticket-transcripts. Does not log edits.

ticket ping

ip!ticket ping @Who to ping
Set a person/role to @ after someone says something in a new ticket. do
ip!ticket ping to unset.

ticket autoclose

ip!ticket autoclose Time eg 15min
automatically close a ticket if no one has sent anything it after the specified period. do
ip!ticket autoclose 0s to unset.

ticket deletetime

ip!ticket deletetime Time eg 1min
set how long to wait after closing a ticket before deleting the channel. messages sent in this time will show up in transcripts, but not logs. default is 1 minute.

ticket info

ip!ticket info
debug command

To disable tickets, delete the invitation message and the ticket category.