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inter·punct bot


Some parts of
@inter·punct can be configured
ip!set prefix prefixSet the prefix for running commands. If you ever get stuck, you can always reset the prefix using @inter·punct set prefix ip!
ip!set ShowErrors always|admins|neverchoose who command errors are shown to
ip!set ShowUnknownCommand always|admins|neverchoose who unknown command errors are shown to
ip!set ManageBotRole @roleSet a role in which users can manage the bot settings.
ip!fun enable|disableenables or disables fun and games


@inter·punct has a variety of games.
ip!tictactoePlay a game of tic tac toe.
ip!checkersPlay a game of checkers.
ip!circlegamePlay a game of circlegame.
ip!papersoccerPlay a game of paper soccer.
ip!ultimatetictactoePlay a game of ultimate tic tac toe.
ip!infinitetictactoePlay a game of infinitetictactoe.
ip!connect4Play a game of connect 4.
ip!triviaplay a game of trivia
ip!randomwordthe first person to type it wins


Games are enabled by default.
ip!fun enable|disableenables or disables fun and games


@inter·punct can help you create buttons to give people roles
and other things.
ip!grantrolebtn ButtonText roleCreate a button that, when clicked, gives people a role.
ip!newpanelCreate a new button panel
ip!editpanel Optional panel nameedit a button panel
ip!sendpanel Optional panel nameSend a button panel


@inter·punct can tickets.

Notable Features

- Logs (
Like This)
- In-discord transcripts
- Reaction controls (One reaction to create a ticket, one to close and save the transcript.)
- Automatic Ping (ping after someone sends a message)
- Automatic Close (close if no one sends anything)


Ticket Setup


ip!ticket category CATEGORY NAMEActive tickets will be put into the category you set. It must be empty and with the right permissions.
ip!ticket invitation invitation message linkSet the invitation message. Reacting to the invitation message will create a ticket.
ip!ticket welcome Welcome Message...Set the message to be sent to users when they create a ticket. Do ip!ticket welcome to unset.
ip!ticket logs #ticket-logs #uploadsLog the last 100 messages in a ticket to #ticket-logs when the ticket is closed. To disable, delete the log channels.
ip!ticket transcripts #ticket-transcriptsLog all messages sent in a ticket to #ticket-transcripts. Does not log edits.
ip!ticket ping @Who to pingSet a person/role to @ after someone says something in a new ticket. do ip!ticket ping to unset.
ip!ticket autoclose Time eg 15minautomatically close a ticket if no one has sent anything it after the specified period. do ip!ticket autoclose 0s to unset.
ip!ticket deletetime Time eg 1minset how long to wait after closing a ticket before deleting the channel. messages sent in this time will show up in transcripts, but not logs. default is 1 minute.
ip!ticket creatorcanclose yes or noset if the creator of the ticket can close it themself.
ip!ticket dmonclose yes or noset if the creator of the ticket should be dm'd when the ticket is closed.
ip!ticket disableDisable tickets.
To disable tickets, delete the invitation message and the ticket category.


@inter·punct has the ability to restrict emojis so only people with certain roles can use them.
ip!emoji restrict :emoji: @role listrestrict an emoji so only people with one of the specified roles can use it
ip!emoji unrestrict Optional :emoji: Optional @roleunrestrict an emoji so anyone can use it
ip!emoji inspect :emoji:get information about an emoji

Welcome/Goodbye Messages

ip!messages set welcome #channel message...set a message to show when someone joins the server. use {Name} and {Mention} to include people's usernames/mentions
ip!messages remove welcomedisable the welcome message
ip!messages set goodbye #channel message...set a message to show when someone leaves the server. use {Name} and {Mention} to include people's usernames/mentions
ip!messages remove goodbyedisable the goodbye message


@inter·punct has a variety of channel management commands.
ip!purge message countPurge messages in a channel. Skips pinned messages.
ip!slowmode set #channel duration eg. 10h 5minSet the slowmode for a channel to values that discord does not provide (such as 1 second, 45 minutes, ...). Maximum of 6 hours, minimum of 1 second, set to 0 to disable slowmode.
ip!send #list-of-channels message to sendSend a message to multiple channels at once
ip!pinbottom #channel message...@inter·punct will send a message and make sure it always stays near the bottom of the channel
Welcome/Goodbye Messageswelcome/goodbye messages


@inter·punct has a few commands for helping with administration
ip!purge message countPurge messages in a channel. Skips pinned messages.
Autobancommands to automatically ban users

Custom Commands

inter·punct has the ability to create custom commands and quote lists.
ip!command add commandname text...add a custom command
ip!command remove command nameRemove a command
ip!lists listlist all quote lists on the server
Quote Listscreate custom commands with a list of quotes


@inter·punct has a variety of fun commands.


Fun commands are enabled by default.
ip!fun enable|disableenables or disables fun and games


ip!pingPlay a game of ping pong against @inter·punct.
ip!time Optional timezonetime
ip!vote controversial statementallows other people to vote on whether they agree or disagree with your statement
ip!statsdisplays various statistics about the bot
ip!timer — Error :(
ip!timer — Error :(
ip!needleFind the needle in the haystack.
ip!sendmsgSend a message from
ip!editmsg message linkeditmsg [link to a message from @inter·punct].
ip!viewmsgsource message linkviewmsgsource [link to a message]. it will give you a link to the source markdown of the message.
ip!remindme duration eg. 10h 5min Optional message@inter·punct will pm you with your reminder after the specified time runs out
ip!randomwordthe first person to type it wins
ip!inspirobotget some inspiration from inspirobot
ip!minesweeperplay minesweeper


@inter·punct has support for showing rules and times from
ip!speedrun set Category%Set the speedrun game
ip!speedrun disabledisable speedrun commands
ip!wr Optional Category%Get the current speedrun world record holder
ip!pb username Optional Category%Get the pb for a specific speedrun person
ip!leaderboard Optional Position# Optional Category%Show the speedrun leaderboard, optionally in a specific category / including a person in #th place
ip!speedrun rules Optional Category%Get the speedrun rules


Quickrank can be set up to allow admins to rank people quickly on a server.
After setup, you can react like this:
Give me a rank

Or send a message like this:
ip!rank @person sub-10

to give a user one or more roles
inter·punct BOT
@person, You were given the roles @🕐︎ SUB-10, @🕐︎ SUB-15, @🕐︎ SUB-20 by @admin

Quickrank Setupsetup quickrank commands

Relevant Commands

ip!rank user comma, separated, list, of, role, namesrank someone with a given list of roles. role names must be configured with quickrank.
ip!quickrank listlist all quickrank configuration.
ip!quickrank add named backtick surrounded name @roleadd a rank name to be used in the ip!rank command
ip!quickrank add reaction :emoji: @roleadd a reaction to react to messages and click check with to rank people
ip!quickrank add provides @role 1 -> @role 2when ranking users with role 1, also give them role 2.
ip!quickrank remove role @roleRemove a role from quickrank entirely (reaction, named, time, provides)
ip!quickrank set role roleset a role that allows members to quickrank even if they do not have permissions to manage roles. Keep in mind that this will allow people with this role to give people any of the roles configured in quickrank. If you don't want them giving away admin roles, make sure not to put those in quickrank.


Quickrank Errorserrors


Autodelete in inter·punct can be set up to delete messages automatically from a user, in a channel, or starting with a given prefix, after a time period.

Using autodelete rules to create a 3s-delete channel

ip!autodelete add 3s channel #3s-delete

Any messages sent in
#3s-delete will be deleted after 3 seconds.

Using autodelete rules to delete bot messages after a certain time period

ip!autodelete add 10 seconds user @Mee6

Any messages sent by
@Mee6 will be deleted after 10 seconds.

Using autodelete rules to ban reaction gifs from tenor

ip!autodelete add 1 second prefix

you this message will be deleted

Note: Autodelete rules set to <1 second will PM the user of the deleted message.


ip!autodelete add duration eg. 10h 5min prefix|user|channel|rolecreate an autodelete rule. autodelete rules will delete messages that match a certain rule, such as those from a specific user or in a specific channel.
ip!autodelete listlist all autodelete rules on this server
ip!autodelete remove #remove an autodelete rule. use ip!autodelete list to list.