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Bot Updates

The Button Update 2021-05-30

Create buttons and button panels!
All games have been updated to use new buttons
New fun command
New game
ip!infinitetictactoePlay a game of infinitetictactoe.


Adds ticket stuff
Ticketscreating tickets and stuff
ip!randomwordthe first person to type it wins

Update 2020-03-12

Adds a new two-player game
ip!circlegamePlay a game of circlegame.
Adds a new fun command
ip!award @who award text...Give someone an award.

2020-03-07, Interpunct version 3

Adds many new things and improves the experience of some old things. There are still lots of messages that haven't been written yet or are slightly confusing, if you have any issues, ask on the
Support Server.

New Commands

Quickrankallow moderators to rank people quickly
Autodeletehave inter·punct remove certain messages automatically
ip!connect4Play a game of connect 4.
ip!remindme duration eg. 10h 5min Optional message@inter·punct will pm you with your reminder after the specified time runs out
ip!triviaplay a game of trivia
ip!minesweeperplay minesweeper
ip!vote controversial statementallows other people to vote on whether they agree or disagree with your statement
ip!members Optional @roleget the number of members on the server and optionally filter by a specific role
ip!slowmode set #channel duration eg. 10h 5minSet the slowmode for a channel to values that discord does not provide (such as 1 second, 45 minutes, ...). Maximum of 6 hours, minimum of 1 second, set to 0 to disable slowmode.
ip!wr Optional Category%Get the current speedrun world record holder
ip!statsdisplays various statistics about the bot

Other Things

The purge command is now significantly faster
This website is completely new.
Also there are lots of other minor changes.