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I could not find that role. Make sure you spelled it right, and that it is configured with
Quickrank .
More info:


Quickrank can be set up to allow admins to rank people quickly on a server.
After setup, you can react like this:
Give me a rank

Or send a message like this:
ip!rank @person sub-10

to give a user one or more roles
inter·punct BOT
@person, You were given the roles @🕐︎ SUB-10, @🕐︎ SUB-15, @🕐︎ SUB-20 by @admin

Quickrank Setupsetup quickrank commands

Relevant Commands

ip!rank user comma, separated, list, of, role, namesrank someone with a given list of roles. role names must be configured with quickrank.
ip!quickrank listlist all quickrank configuration.
ip!quickrank add named backtick surrounded name @roleadd a rank name to be used in the ip!rank command
ip!quickrank add reaction :emoji: @roleadd a reaction to react to messages and click check with to rank people
ip!quickrank add provides @role 1 -> @role 2when ranking users with role 1, also give them role 2.
ip!quickrank remove role @roleRemove a role from quickrank entirely (reaction, named, time, provides)
ip!quickrank set role roleset a role that allows members to quickrank even if they do not have permissions to manage roles. Keep in mind that this will allow people with this role to give people any of the roles configured in quickrank. If you don't want them giving away admin roles, make sure not to put those in quickrank.


Quickrank Errorserrors